Welcome to the the Party!

In a world filled with cheap jokes and easy laughs, THE RECOVERY PARTY has stepped forward with their brand of polished, and thought-provoking, satirical sketch comedy.

(THE RECOVERY PARTY isn’t saying they’re above cheap laughs, they just admit that they exist.)

2 Redundancy PressWhy “The Recovery Party?”

“Recovery”  because satire should not only attack vice and folly but should also offer up solutions.

“Party” because satire celebrates life – everything from glorious to the mundane.

“The” because a prefix needs to be attached to  produce a derivative title or an inflected form.

As finessed as anything I’ve seen in a national act … the performers themselves, and their individual styles and special talents [form] a unifying ensemble in much the same way that the best casts of Saturday Night Live accomplished.   (HowWasTheShow.com)


Established in 1999, THE RECOVERY PARTY had a single goal:  to produce comedy without all the drama.