Welcome to the the Party!

In a world filled with cheap jokes and easy laughs, THE RECOVERY PARTY has stepped forward with their brand of polished and thought-provoking satirical sketch comedy*


NOUN: 1a. A literary work in which human vice or folly is attacked through irony, derision, or wit. 1b. The branch of literature constituting such works. 2. Irony, sarcasm, or caustic wit used to attack or expose folly, vice, or stupidity.


Good satirical comedy should make you laugh first and think second. Really good satirical comedy will make you laugh, think, and then laugh again.

THE RECOVERY PARTY does the really good kind. 2 Redundancy Press

“For those seeking satire in the Twin Cities, the obvious place to start is at a performance of The Brave New Workshop [the longest running satirical theater in the country].  But while the venerable comedy institution can always be relied upon for an evening of irreverent laughs, satire aficionados know that even more incisive hysterics can be found in the well-honed comedic chops of the Recovery Party … [which] can be thought of as the “Mensa Society” for local comics.” (CityPages)


As finessed as anything I’ve seen in a national act…the performers themselves, and their individual styles and special talents, [form] a unifying ensemble in much the same way that the best casts of Saturday Night Live accomplished.   (

But why “The Recovery Party?”

“Recovery” because satire should not only attacks human vice and folly but also offer up solutions – no matter how silly they may be.

“Party” because satire celebrates life – everything from the glorious to the mundane.

“The” because a prefix needs to be attached to the front of a word to produce a derivative title or an inflected form.

* THE RECOVERY PARTY isn’t saying they’re above cheap laughs, they just admit that they exist.


Established in 1999, THE RECOVERY PARTY had a single goal: to produce quality comedy theater without all the drama.

Armed with award-winning writers, talented performers, accomplished musicians, and a chip on their collective shoulders, THE RECOVERY PARTY demonstrated that quality stories could be told in less than five minutes, that characters are created though emotions and attitude rather than costumes, and that actors could create a living set better than any backdrop, lighting or props could accomplish (we still use those things though).