One man’s quest to speak with the right person and obtain the correct form in order to request a new light bulb so he can finish an Efficiency Report that is due in five minutes over 3½ hours ago.

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Written by Joshua Will

Directed By David Carey

Cast (in order of appearance)

Narrator/Arbitrary Voice – David Carey Sam – Joshua Will Ralph – Jim Robinson Michelle Lee – Jen Maren

Office Gollum – Brandon Boat Breckenridge – Andrea Guilford Dewey – Michelle Cassioppi Guertin

Cheatum – Jeffrey Cloninger Howe – Colin Healey Piper – Shanan Custer Janitor – Dennis Curley

Jill – Kelly Kohlbacher Team Lead – Andrew Haaheim Cogs – Rick Logan, Sam Selvaggio, Fred Chang, Brian Frey

Not Martha – Renee Carey Diversity Committee – Jim Cunningham, Tom Winner, Eriq Nelson

Little Girl – Katie Gaughan

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No light bulbs were harmed in the making of this picture.

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