One man’s quest to speak with the right person and obtain the correct form in order to request a new light bulb so he can finish an Efficiency Report that is due in five minutes over 3½ hours ago.

Written by Joshua Will

Directed By David Carey

Cast (in order of appearance)

Narrator                               David Carey

Sam                                       Joshua Will

Ralph                                   Jim Robinson

Michelle Lee                       Jen Maren

Arbitrary Voice                 David Carey

Breckenridge                     Andrea Guilford

Office Gollum                    Brandon Boat

Dewey                                 Michelle Cassioppi Guertin

Cheatum                             Jeffrey Cloninger

Howe                                   Colin Healey

Piper                                    Shanan Custer

Janitor                                  Dennis Curley

Jill                                         Kelly Kohlbacher

Team Lead                          Andrew Haaheim

Team Cogs                          Rick Logan, Sam Selvaggio, Fred Chang, Brian Frey

Not Martha                        Renee Carey

Diversity Committee       Jim Cunningham, Tom Winner, Eriq Nelson

Little Girl                           Katie Gaughan

Copyright 2020

Recovery Party Productions / Show & Tell Group

No light bulbs were harmed in the making of this picture.

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