Push Button. Get Bacon.

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Minnesotans love crisp winter nights, hearty laughter from the gut, and second helpings of mechanically-dispensed
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All those ingredients mix together this January when the critically-acclaimed comedic minds at THE RECOVERY PARTY return to the BLB stage with their hit comedy review, PUSH BUTTON. GET BACON. a laugh-out-loud comedy smörgåsbord that features more than 20 different sketches, songs, and monologues that tackle such hot-button topics as mail-order brides, evaporated milk, and the unconditional love of 3.2 beer.

Soak up “class ‘A’ sketch comedy” ( served up by “a solid comedic company” (CityPages) that serves up “precious little bacon in the show, but also very little fat, making for a crisp 90 minutes  that flies by and comes to a rousing conclusion” (Minnesota Public Radio).  There will also be a fair amount of cross-dressing, foul-language, and sex jokes.

But what’s PUSH BUTTON. GET BACON. really about? It’s about 90 minutes.

PUSH BUTTON. GET BACON. January 2014 Promo One from The Recovery Party on Vimeo.


PUSH BUTTON. GET BACON. January 2014 Promo Two from The Recovery Party on Vimeo.


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