THE RECOVERY PARTY: “Funniest Damn Thing in the Twin Cities”

“For those seeking satire in the Twin Cities … satire aficionados know that incisive hysterics can be found in the well-honed comedic chops of The Recovery Party.”  (CityPages)

Since 1999, THE RECOVERY PARTY presents a unique brand of polished and professional satirical sketch comedy that’s ” as finessed as anything seen in a national act” where the “performers themselves, and their individual styles and special talents form a unifying ensemble in much the same way that the best casts of Saturday Night Live accomplished.”  (

Armed with award-winning writers, talented performers, accomplished musicians, and a chip on their collective shoulders, THE RECOVERY PARTY continually demonstrates that quality stories can be told in less than five minutes, that characters are created though emotions and attitude rather than costumes, and where actors create a living set better than any backdrop, lighting or props could accomplish.

(Of course, THE RECOVERY PARTY still uses things like costumes and lights and stuff – it’s more fun that way)