60-WATT (2020)

60-Watt Trailer

One man’s quest to speak with the right person and obtain the correct form in order to request a new light bulb so he can finish an Efficiency Report that’s due in five minutes 3½ hours ago.


Best Comedic Screenplay (The Short Film Awards SOFIES, New York)

Best Screenplay (White Vulture Film Festival, New Jersey)

Best Narrative Short (Cannes World Film Festival, France)

Best Narrative (Best Global Shorts, India)

Best Comedy (Tokyo International Short Film Festival, Japan)

Best Comedy (London Indie Short Festival, UK)

Best Comedy (White Vulture Film Festival, New Jersey)

Best Comedy (MLC Awards, Green Bay)

Best Comedy Film (Multi Dimension Independent Film Festival, UK)

Best Comedy Short (World Indie Film Awards, Italy)

Best Comedy Short (Hollywood International Golden Age Festival, New York)

Best Comedy Short (Hollywood Blvd. Film)

Best Comedy Short (Milky Way Film Awards)

Best Actor (Comedy): Joshua Will (The Brightside Film Festival, New Jersey)

Best Director (Short Film): David Carey (Vesuvius International Film Festival, Italy)

BCIFF Award of Excellence (Beyond the Curve International Film Festival, Paris, France)


Outstanding Achievement: Comedy Short (Calcutta International Cult Film Festival. India)

Runner-Up: Best Wurst Short Film (Willlachen Comedy & Satire Filmprize, Austria)

Finalist: Best Comedy Film (The Reno Comedy Film Festival, Nevada), Best Short Film (Paradox International Short Film Festival, Pune, India)

Semi-Finalist: London Indie Short Festival (UK), Phoenix Shorts (Ottawa, Canada), MonsterFlix (US)

HONORABLE MENTIONS – Short Film (New Wave Short Film Festival. Munich, Germany), Best Short Film (Tokyo International Monthly Film Festival, Japan), Comedy (London Movie Awards, UK), Special Mention (London International Monthly Film Festival, UK)

NOMINATIONS – Best Editing (Comedic): David Carey, Best Supporting Actress: Andrea Guilford, and Best Long Short (The Short Film Awards, SOFIES, New York City). Best Comedy, Best Director: David Carey (The Brightside Film Festival. New Jersey). Best Comedy (Cannes Shorts, France). Best Comedy (Sioux City International Film Festival).

Written by Joshua Will – Directed by David Carey

Cast (in order of appearance):

Narrator/Arbitrary Voice: David Carey Sam: Joshua Will Ralph: Jim Robinson

Michelle Lee: Jen Maren Office Gollum: Brandon Boat Breckenridge: Andrea Guilford

Dewey: Michelle Cassioppi Guertin Cheatum: Jeffrey Cloninger

Howe: Colin Healey, Piper: Shanan Custer

Janitor: Dennis Curley Jill: Kelly Kohlbacher Lead Cog: Andrew Haaheim

Cogs: Rick Logan Sam Selvaggio, Fred Chang, Brian Frey Not Martha: Renee Carey

Diversity Committee: Jim Cunningham, Tom Winner, Eriq Nelson, Little Girl: Katie Gaughan


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Hey, there’s so much more to learn about the cast and crew.

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Copyright 2020

Recovery Party Productions / Show & Tell Group

No light bulbs were harmed in the making of this picture.

DELAY (2022)

Delay trailer

Doug Hinter is seeking help for a very unusual condition, one that is affecting every aspect of his life.

Written by Joshua Will Directed by Jordan Lynn

A JLynn Production in association with The Recovery Party

BEST COMEDIC SHORT FILM – 2022 Short Film Awards (The SOFIES)


Best Comedy Short Film | The Short Film Awards (SOFIES)

Best Concept | The Brightside Film Festival | Joshua Will

4th Place Film | Z-Fest Film Festival

Audience Favorite Session 4 | Z-Fest Film Festival

Best Color Correction | Z-Fest Film Festival


Best Comedic Screenplay (Comedy) | The Short Film Awards (SOFIES) | Joshua Will

Best Comedy Nomination | Z-Fest Film Festival

Best Comedy Nomination | The Brightside Film Festival

Best Short Short | The Brightside Film Festival

Best Directing Nomination | Z-Fest Film Festival | Jordan Lynn

Best Directing Nomination | The Brightside Film Festival | Jordan Lynn

Best Actor Nomination | Z-Fest Film Festival | Joshua Will

Best Actor (Comedy) Nomination | The Brightside Film Festival | Joshua Will

Best Supporting Actor Nomination | Z-Fest Film Festival | Jim Robinson

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