Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Oct. 14 – Nov. 6   7:00 PM   Bryant-Lake Bowl    Buy Tickets


The company that brought you Department of Redundancy Department and Push Button Get Bacon brings you a new satirical comedy that dares to ask:

Do we need 27 different varieties of Oreos?  Do we long for change yet fear something new?  Is it okay to play with your Tasseled Wobbegong?  It’s nice having choice, but too many options is just plain hell.

Online medical diagnoses, fast food value menus, presidential elections, homophones … just a few of the reasons Why We Can’t Have Nice Things. 

Caveat Emptor?  Nah. Unless you don’t like “funny, clever, sketch comedy, perhaps like what Saturday Night Live is supposed to be” (Cherry and Spoon).  If that’s the case, you’ll have to deal with that analysis paralysis on your own because they’re not psychologists (well, one of them is).


“Satire aficionados know The Recovery Party can be thought of as the Mensa Society for local comics”

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“Sharp social satire with occasional flights into the absurd.”

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“This is smart laugh-out-loud satire.  The writing and execution are as clever as you’ll find anywhere.  Anywhere!”

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“Incredible … Quick-witted and funny.”

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Why We Can’t Have Nice Things P1 from The Recovery Party on Vimeo.

Workshopped and Performed by:


Jeffrey Cloninger                        Jim Robinson                         Dennis Curley

            Joshua Will                                                               Eriq Nelson

Music by:
Dennis Curley

Written and Directed by:
Joshua Will


Performance Dates:

Friday and Saturday, Oct 14-15,  7:00 PM

Friday and Saturday, Oct 21, 7:00 PM

Friday – Sunday, Nov 3-6, 7:00 PM

$15/$13 in advance or with Fringe button

2 thoughts on “Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

  1. Eva von Dassow

    So, guys, I thoroughly enjoyed your show tonight (Saturday, October 22) but I was disappointed by one thing: in the intro biology class, alongside creationism, Scientology, and the FSM, no mention was made of the ancient Egyptian myth of creation in which the primal god masturbates, sneezes, and spits to make the world. Think that might fit your theme? Should you want more information to go on …

    1. admin Post author

      We wholly appreciate you bringing this omission to our attention – we will try and right that wrong! Thanks for coming to the show – JW

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