02: We Are All Criminals

“One in four people has a criminal record; four in four have a criminal history…”

Based upon the book and non-profit organization of the same name, “We Are All Criminals” challenges society’s perceptions of what it means to be “criminal.”
Through intertwined song, sketch, imagined conversations, candid images and shared stories, this satirical revue brings to life the history, hardships and hopes of those who committed (or were accused of) committing crimes, those who got away with them, and those who have been directly affected by the criminal justice system.


“Courageous and Compelling,” “Provoking yet Entertaining,” “Stirring and Captivating”

What I liked about the show was that it dealt with an extremely serious topic but did so in a way that was entertaining. Incorporating music and humor into a show about such a troubling issue is risky, but the show did it perfectly. The humor didn’t trivialize the topic, and it was never offensive. Instead, it served to break the tension and keep audience interest without detracting from the importance of the issue. The show was also very well paced, never dragging. I thought the show did an excellent job of highlighting issues many are unaware of. It was quite thought provoking. I was impressed!

Written by Joshua Will and Emily Baxter
Based upon the book by Emily Baxter
Original Songs by Joshua Will and Dennis Curley
Pictures by Emily Baxter
Directed by Joshua Will


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