04: The Alternative Animal Alphabet


“A is for Alligator? Z is for Zebra?” Let’s face it, the animal alphabet has been stuck in a rut. A repetitious, boring, repetitious rut. Isn’t it time we looked at the lifestyles of the other animals who share our planet, but rarely share the limelight with their more popular cousins?

We’ve all heard of Snakes, but how about Skinks? You know about Gorillas, but have you ever wondered what a Godwit was, where it came from, or what it tastes like?

Why a duck?

Diehard animal fans looking for an ABC book that abstains from bears, eschews alligators, and renounces rhinos will rejoice in the offbeat, informative, The Alternative Animal Alphabet. Young readers will delight in the alternative facts and beautiful illustrations. Adults will give it a place of honor on the coffee table alongside NatGeo and The Hitchhiker’s Guide. Teachers will use it to get students thinking outside the zoo when it’s time to research reports. The possibilities are endless – with millions of different animals on earth, this hysterical primer proves there’s life outside the stereotypical 26.

The Alternative Animal Alphabet – A laugh-out-loud children’s book that inadvertently educates, possibly embarrasses, and finally gives deserving critters their day in the sun (or, at least, a quick read before bed). Civits and Xynops and Tits, oh my!


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